Jul - Aug 2021


These are the 4 tracks. Choose the one that is the best fit for your project idea!

Build on Rarible Protocol
Create innovative applications on the open source Rarible Protocol.
NFT Payment
Build innovative payment solutions making NFTs accessible for a wide audience.
A Scalable NFT Art Project
Create and submit a concept for a scalable NFT art project similar to Cryptopunks.
Gaming &
Build innovative solutions around Gaming & NFTs.
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Gaurang Torvekar
Eddy Travia
Coinsilium Group
Tegan Kline
Edge & Node
Kyle Samani
Multicoin Capital
Co-founder, Managing Partner
Community Partners
PR & Media Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to participate in NFT Vision Hack?

NFT Vision Hack is 100% free for all attendees.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams can include up to 5 team members. You can team up with software developers from any country, or with any type of experience!

Can I join more than one track?

You can submit your project to multiple tracks as long as your project fulfills the given requirements of any of the respective tracks.


  1. You create an NFT Art collection at Scale competing for the “NFT Art Collection at Scale” track by Indorse.
  2. You store the NFTs on IPFS for the special prize.
  3. You create the event of a primary sale (primary auction) for your NFT Art Collection using Circle’s APIs, thereby satisfying the “NFT Payment Solutions” track.
  4. You create a separate NFT marketplace for secondary sales and future launches/minting of additional items of your NFT art collection series and launch it on Rarible Protocol, thereby tapping onto Rarible Protocol’s liquidity and fulfilling the requirements for the “Build on Rarible Protocol” track.
  5. If you have questions about the eligibility of your project for a particular track, kindly consult the organization team on either Slack or Discord.

Do I need to have coding skills?

Not at all! You are not required to submit a code repository for the “A Scalable NFT Art Project” track. However, we do require a code submission for the other three tracks

What do I need to submit?

Each track will have slightly different submission criteria. You can find the submission criteria in the respective track information pages. In general, we will ask you to submit your code repository, a working prototype (optional), a short 2-min video and a short slide deck.

Can I submit a past project?

Yes and no. In order to ensure fairness, projects and teams that put in days and nights of work will have higher chances of winning over teams that submit past projects. If you really want to submit a past project, we expect you to considerably alter your submission, and create at least 1-2 differentiators over your past project submissions.

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