Build on Rarible Protocol

Build your innovative solutions for minting, selling, or aggregating NFTs using the Rarible Protocol. Feel free to choose from the following ideas or come up with something new and exciting we haven't even thought of.
At Rarible, we are moving towards the vision of a fluid, interoperable, diverse NFT environment. To facilitate the development of the space, we launched the open source Rarible Protocol, governed by the Rarible DAO.

So far, we have only dipped our toes into what's possible, and the NFT use-cases on the horizon are going to blow our minds.
Rarible Protocol 🔗🔗🔗
The Rarible Protocol is a set of smart contracts and tools for projects building in the NFT space. All projects minting within the ecosystem have a shared orderbook, which allows NFTs to fluidly move and interoperate between the applications built on the protocol.

The protocol is ideal for applications building storefronts or marketplaces, or wallets wanting to allow users to sell NFTs. There are three core parts of the protocol tooling for developers:
Minting (ERC-721, ERC-1155)
  • Custom royalties
  • "Lazy" minting that allows you to store an item on your back end and mint upon the actual sale
  • Upgradable assets contracts (via beacon proxy): once you started building with Rarible protocol, you can evolve with us.
Exchange contract
  • Any combination of ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-20 swaps
  • Bidding
  • Arbitrary front end fees
  • With arbitrary addresses & value
Upcoming features in the full release include collaborations / fees splitting, bundles, different types of auctions, and more.
  • This tool will allow users to interact with protocols, access contracts and query data (by creator, owner, collection, etc), available via API.
  • Index of all the ERC721 and ERC1155 assets ever created on Ethereum chain
  • NFT Provenance: transfers, sales
  • NFT Metadata storage
Hot Hackathon Ideas 🔥🔥🔥
  • Custom Auction and Sale Mechanics (Timed Auction, Open Auction, Reserve auctions, Vickery Auctions, Dutch Auctions, Random item drop, Generative Drops (custom ERC-721 that gives you a new item each time sale is done)). There are various inspirations to pull from for example
  • Combinatorial NFTs using the rarible NFT minting contract such that you can combining two NFTs in a collection to give another NFT. This could either be images or sound (to create more complex music). It could combine two NFTs in layers, or it could allow you to combine two NFTs to receive a third, different NFT (like a metal + wood NFTs = sword NFT). Inspiration for this might come from: Aavegotchi (which allow ERC 1155 tokens to be combined onto a single ERC 721), or punkbodies
  • Something similar to for the Rarible Protocol, with the ability to display things like: Image, Author, Owner, Price, a button or QR Code to go to the (for example). Another example could be for the embed to have a "buy now" button, and the sale to happen directly on the embed. Even cooler would be to be able to direct a fee going to the application or location which is generating the sale.
  • Minting NFTs on the rarible protocol which are sold along a bonding curve, such that every new NFT item is more expensive.
  • Fractionalize NFTs and sell the shards individually, or, maybe even selling the shards along a bonding curve such that shards become more expensive.
  • A way to mint NFTs and set the fees for different addresses upon minting... for example: You mint, and you set 5 fees in the NFT: 10% as a royalty to the original creator, 5% to a DAO, 10% to a second creator, 1% to another person who did something, etc... Even more complex would be to be able to select other kinds of fields for the addresses (which are TBD), such as: first buyer, second buyer, etc...which get filled out once buyers show up
  • NFT advertisement model (where someone can put an NFT in an advertisement "slot", and then pay ongoing fees, like a Harberger tax, to the owner of that slot). If the ongoing fee is not paid, their NFT is returned to them. Anyone else can replace the NFT in that slot by paying a higher price + ongoing tax.
  • A way to mint an NFT on the protocol, and sell fractions of them, and only once a certain threshold is reached, do the fractions get sent out to everyone. Almost like a kickstarter drop. You could even make it so there is a reserve price, which, if not reached, returns the NFT to the seller. Could be time based, or price based.
  • A similar mechanism to EulerBeats on the rarible protocol.
Other Hackathon Ideas ✨✨✨
  • NFT ↔ NFT SWAP for any assets on the protocol
  • NFT drop aggregator (might not be best immediate use case since we need to integrate with more platforms first)
  • NFT custody service
  • Some sort of staking on NFTs to get sales fee rewards. This can be done in various ways. Example 1: staking on NFTs for curation purposes... if you like NFTs, you can stake on them, and get a fee from the sale. Or Example 2: for price prediction. You cold have various "price slots" which people can stake into, and if you are correct, you win a portion of the sale.
  • NFT With an Expiry time, after which they get destroyed, or they slowly die
  • NFT Pre-order (funding of a future nft), maybe with a target price, with ability to re-fund if the target doesn't get reached, it refunds to all contributors.
  • ERC20s in NFTs minted on the protocol (wrap your ERC-20 Tokens, or NFTs, inside an NFT to create an OTC market for less liquid tokens or even vested tokens or portfolios)
  • Contract Ownership NFT (sell your wallet)
  • Private Metadata (you can only receive NFT metadata if you have another NFT)
  • NFT Subscription (Sublier or Superfluid Streaming to the holder of an NFT)
  • Anti-Fraud (Seller Trust Rating, Images search)
  • Reputation score for people who "like" NFTs such that we can use "likes" to curate displayed NFTs
  • FLOW Bridge
  • NFT Index (DAO Based NFT index)
Submissions and Next Steps
Please submit the following:
  1. Your solution/app/marketplace/auction mechanism/etc needs to be build on Rarible Protocol (or Testnet)
  2. We encourage you to submit a working Prototype (optional)
  3. Publicly accessible code repo
  4. Slide Deck (follow this template, also, here is an example deck, keep it to 6 slides or less)
  5. 2-min video (optional)
Please make sure to submit your solution before 30 Aug 2021.
The best solutions will be curated by a jury of NFT and blockchain experts. The best 15 teams are then invited to present their solutions in front of Rarible representatives, which will choose the 3 winning teams. We will announce the winning teams in our Award Ceremony.
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